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Why chose Animals in Disaster (AID), Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry for a donation?

You have to decide if you want your donation to solve a problem or bandage it?
(Bravo, if you are someone who like to get pet after pet off the E-list, medical treatment or rehomed!)

Our agency goals are different,  please read!

  • We help people who got knocked off their feet because of a job or home loss, of a catastrophic illness or a home/ community wide disaster,  We deal with people who ask for help for their beloved pets, but not for them selves, but we KNOW that if we don't help the human get back on his feet, we will never help their pet with their food insecurity, long term.

  • Though their pets, we help people get out of bed, who have given upon life.

  • We help Baby Boomers, who were always the helpers, not the people getting help, ~ to cross the isle after getting pet food, to get human help to return to self sufficiency. 

  • We help Veterans and Disaster/Domestic Violence Victims with pet food and pet items the way the Red Cross does for people.

THIS is why we partner with non-profits, churches, food banks and Coalitions so that they get help; in their community,                   by neighbors and friends just like you!

We want to close our doors because there is no more work! That the neighborhoods and communities in Arizona are self sufficient, and skilled enough to take care of each other, including beloved pets!

Second, we insist that our work be done locally by neighbors and friends, building community through pets, with our support!  According to 2015-2016 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 65% of U.S. households own a pet, which is to 79.7 millions homes.  For instance,  at the recent Cedar Creek Wildfire nid-summer 2016, 6 communities of 20,000 people we put on pre-evecation in Eastern Arizona which would have resulted in 13,000 animals needing evacuation!     To see how many pets there are in YOUR area, got to this Pet Owner Calculator here  .

We will NOT go into an area that does not have volunteers to provide services or that already services that community unless there is a disaster or community emergency, and then we go, to back up resources that are already in place there!    This helps us empower local responses and reduces costs over time for travel!

This means we do NOT have a  centralized administration building. Instead, those expenses go into LOCAL communities in Arizona.  This means that most of our cash expenses go into transportation and storage.  Only $500 a  month goes to business expenses!

(If you want a more detailed  answer, call 602-909-7153!)

Mailing Address for our DBAs:

> Empty Bowl Pets, or

> Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry

> Animals in Disaster, or

> Animals in Disaster Thrift Store, or

> Maricopa Citizens Corp  Council, or

> Animals in Disaster, Medical Response Corp

610 E. Bell., Ste 2-271, Phoenix, Az. 85022

Why chose us to donate to? 
Do you want to SOLVE a problem or bandage it? Get our answer below!