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Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry Disaster Services, Inc.

Serving Arizona with

Our Mission:

No one should have to choose between

feeding their pets or feeding themselves,

or worse, abandonment,

in the hopes that they will be rescued.

We help pet owners facing financial challenges,

keep the promise they made to their pets

to  love and care for them forever.

Animals in Disaster

but Isn't it all a Disaster?  
To lose a job or home, have a catastrophic or terminal illness,
a broken Veteran, abused wife, a lonely senior,

or functionally disabled citizen ~
for all these and more,
Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry is here to help.


To be a FEMA disaster volunteer in our

Animal Medical Response Corp  #2473 

Arizona State Website Link:    click  here

 2010 - August: 4 Women with $40 and 40 pounds of dog food

decided to make a difference in Arizona:

  • 2011 - 133,000 pounds of pet food

given in Phoenix Arizona.

  • 2012 - 233,000 pounds of pet food and pet items 

given in Maricopa County.

  • 2013 - 350,000 pounds of pet food/items

given  in 5 counties of Arizona

> 10,000 pounds given to Yarnell/other fire victims.

> 5,000 pounds of pet food given to our Veterans and

> 18,000  pounds of high quality food given to owners with service dogs

and those with mobility problems in Maricopa county  in 2013 ,

THANKS to your pet food donations!

(As we get Leadership volunteers in other counties in Arizona,

we are expanding this service.)

July 2014, we are now operating in

10 Counties of 15 in Arizona!

Our Daily Work Sample!

We are so grateful for

these  recent Business Donors,

which have allowed us to do so much so fast,  for so many humans and their pets!

NBC Channel 12 & Room Store's

"12 Who Cares"  Award,

and gave $1200

in ourthird year of operation!

Used to support our efforts at

United Ways Project Connect and

Arizona's Veteran Stand Down

Each month, where we care for pets while their owners get showers, meal, haircuts, bikes fixed and services to help them recover or stabilize in a new life style during challenging times!

Our Blog:

By those who support us~

Coming Services & Events

Next Statewide Board Meeting Online

> October 9  5:30pm

(Click on the Activity Name for more information on their website.)


Coalition/Service  Events

Project Connect Phoenix

  Thursday October 16,   8am-3pm

Love of Christ Lutheran Church

1525 N. Power Rd, Mesa  Az 85205

Pet food and other services to Homeless

and People struggling with challenges


PACC911  Petsmart Adoptathon

November 15  10-3pm

90th St and Shea, Scottsdale Az

Every Thursday- Westside Pet Delivery -2 Pallets

Palm Gate Storage

14050 W. Van Buren, Litchfield Az

Delivery to Rescues, Unload Repack and

Deliver to North storage 10:30-12:30pm

 Second and Forth Fridays Through September-

Sept 12  and 26  North Phoenix

 Extra Space Storage,15626  N Cave Creek Rd

Delivery to our Partner Agencies 7:30-9:00am

NOTE:  Our office phone has changed to 602-909-7153

Text for emergencies

Please go to our donation page to

 learn about copy cat charities and fraud.

There is another agency called

Empty Bowls, A Phoenix Pet Food Pantry

Make sure you know

who you are donating to.

Be a HERO to Rural Arizona ,
Fall 2014
helping to cover the cost of preparing for this season's wildfires, at a time when
donations are at a record low.

Our Vision:

We distribute free pet food and services through our  partner agencies, 

respond for pets in disasters

from single family home fires to community-wide in  Arizona.

We are there helping

before, during and after disasters, aiding with building a stronger,  more resilient community. Through pets,

neighbor helps neighbor to greater stability.

We help with free spay/neuter of pets,

provide humane, emergency, disaster, health,  safety education and services. in life's basics.

Our Goal

 further the human-animal bond to

help in times of stress!

People will ask for help for their pets, 

but are  ashamed or embarrassed to

ask for help  for themselves.

We work with our many non-profit agencies,  businesses, coalitions, and other partnerships, 

to get people aid that will help them to recover

or get stabilized,

~ which REALLY helps the pets! 

Do YOU have a connection for YOUR Community:

>Provide Volunteer Leadership?

>A Business, Church or Group: do a donation drive?
>Know a non-profit or church who could bring services

to your area in Arizona?

We help thousands in Arizona with our methods,

who are willing to help themselves with a hand up,

not a hand out!

(instead of just 50 or 100 a month from 1 location)