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Be sure to call first, to make sure our partner agencies, currently have pet food

>If you have run out of pet food, learn which human food is safe for your pet, click here   or download a pdf copy below:

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​ For Veterans -​ Arizona Veterans  Stand Down eventscalendar  
>  Tucson Veterans Saving Veterans Stand Down, 1/13-15 8am-2pm                        Days Inn  Tucson Az

​> Maricopa County Veterans Stand Down, Thursday & Friday, February 9-10th,  Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Arizona State Fairgrounds
1826 W. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85007

        > Buckeye Veterans Lift Up, 2/11/17   8am-1pm  Odyssey High School                           1495 S. Verrago Way, Buckeye, Az 85326

Watch our work with Veteran's below!   

We look for volunteers who feel passion for building community, who know that through beloved pets, we touch broken hearts, below are our group service activities!

Around Arizona:





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Agency Mission:  

We aid people in crisis, who would not ask for help for themselves, but will for their beloved pets, to get aid for their pets, and for themselves  through our partnerships , to help their long term recovery.

We help build community through pets!

Our Vision:    

To be able to close our agency, because pet's needs are met!

Admin. Phone: 602/909-7153

Arizona  Business & Community Support,

You gave $766,988 of Pet Food/Items for 11 Counties in Arizona in 2015 ~

Thank You from them!

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Why do we have a "Maricopa County Citizen's Corp"?

When the Arizona Central Region Citizen's  Corp dissolved in 2015, we saw a gap that was needed to be filled.  Most Citizen's Corps, have a focus on having Professional Responders/Rescuers and high energy, healthy citizens involved. We refer people who wish to get involved with high energy  to CERT, MRC and other response groups to those located in their city.

65% of families have at least one pet! 

(Thank you Wag Magazine, for this fact from the 2015-2016 survey by the APPA  National Pet Owners!)

What about the Grandmother with Alzheimers, with her cat,~the one thing that keeps her grounded and connected, or the young boy with Autism with his doggie that keeps him calm but isn't a service dog?  What about seniors, families who care for ill or injured at home, functionally disabled (27% in Arizona are functionally disabled, up from 25% the previous year) Parents with  very young children and more, with pets/service dogs?

Our focus is education on evacuation and the other decisions within the first hours of disaster response, and to build relationships with local community:~churches, schools, small businesses who dont even know they are required by OSHA law (1910.35-38)  to have these plans in place and practiced!  

We still need cash donations to continue to do this disaster work now!  It is up to you. 

Whether we go out, depends on our ability to raise more funds! Will you help?  

Pass a empty bowl around your business, group, friends or post it on your social media feeds for them please? 

For Homeless/Near Homeless   ​> United Ways Project Connect  

Thursday, April 6. 2017    Inter Stake Center
830 E.2nd Ave, Mesa AZ 85204​
Video and more Event Information here

Coming Major Service and Volunteer Projects: 

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We are so excited to have the Arizona Avian Alliance, join us, as a part of our 501c3.   Finches to parakeets to parrots and more.   Now we help people with their beloved feather friends  in crisis! 

  Link to Avian Alliance