Volunteering releases endorphins.  The mind can only think of one thing at a time.   This can go a long way to reduce pain or other forms of suffering, There is a deeper aspect. There are two kinds of volunteer experiences. Please chose which one you wish to have.

1)   You can choose to volunteer in a predictable, organized job where one show up and just does what one is told.  Highly valuable for people under stress who just want to help, without having to think or decide.

2)    You can choose to volunteer in a climate that is unpredictable to develop your skills in resiliency, teamwork and ability to handle challenges under stressful situations.  Excellent to develop teamwork, relationship and problem solving skills.  Great for training leadership candidates.

Here is opportunities, to meet our agency  in action,  and help with processing our donations in Central Phoenix.  United Way's Project Connect, Arizona Veteran's Stand Down are all service activities we need volunteer help to deliver services.  

We attend numerous fun events where we share disaster, safety and health information for pets (and humans) and tell people of our agency's services where one can volunteer and have fun at the event!

 For Veterans around Arizona - arizonastanddown.org eventscalendar        Watch our work with Veteran's below! 

​​​​For Homeless/Near Homeless  > United Ways Project Connect 8am-3pm -Be a part of your Community, whether volunteering or because of a need. Project Connects, Hopefest and Arizona Veterans Stand Downs, are conducted in the SAME way, a Disaster Recovery Center is by FEMA!  A Great opportunity to find out if you are up to the rigors of working as a disaster volunteer!

Project Connect ​Video and more Event Information here

Next Event:

> Thursday, December 14th, 2017  8am - 3pm

at Monte Vista Nazarene 3313 N. 40th St, Phoenix AZ, 85018 

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We are so excited to have the Arizona Avian Alliance, join us, as a part of our 501c3.   Finches to parakeets to parrots and more.   Now we help people with their beloved feather friends  in crisis! 

Please call us at 602/909-7153 to let us know of your donation effort for our social media and a "How-to" to help organize the pet food/item drive!

FRAUD Prevention  ALERT

 How to prevent fraud against You and Us, Please go to the page "Board Leadership"

Member, Governor Doug Ducey’s  

 AZ State Citizens Corp Council

 This program was created to educate, train and provide volunteer opportunities to make communities safer, stronger and better prepared to respond to emergencies or disaster of any kind.

Animal Disaster Service Mission:  

 We help people who would not ask for help for themselves, but will for their beloved pets, to get aid for their pets, and for themselves  through our agency partnerships, to help their long term recovery with disruptive events.

We help build community through pets!

Our Vision:     

To be able to close our agency, when pet's needs are met!


Standdown/Lift ups  

2018 Dates Coming Soon

See our Facebook page 

>Blanca City 9/16

>Yavapai County 9/22-23

>Glendale City 9/23

>Guadalupe City 9/7

>Sells City 10/21

>Lake Havasu City 11/4

>Yuma County 11/21-23

Business & Community Support,

You gave $766,988 of Pet Food/Items for      ALL 15 Counties in Arizona~

Thank You from them!

If you feel we make a difference,  please click  at this link  to give us a review!

Our office will be closed for the month of December to give us a chance to re-organize.  In spite of the great need for our services, there just isn't the community interest in supporting our agency financially for its operations, even though we have held the line at 2.5% of our program services to all 15 counties in Arizona.

Animals in Disaster, Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry, is moving  from agency name to become a division as we  re-organize and broaden our services to include humans in disasters with two other divisions joining us:

* America R U Prepared

* (Agencies) Collaborating for a Cause.

> Our new agency name after our Board Meets Dec 3: 

"Animals and Humans in Disaster!"

There is a need for cash donations for this work now!   It cannot happen without you.  

Will you help them, be their HERO?   
Please pass a empty bowl around your business, group, friends or post our needs for cash, item donations, or volunteer effort on your social media feeds please? 

Member, Arizona Leadership Council at the Alliance of Arizona Non-Profits

Office hours:

Closed for December 2017.

Reopen:  Jan 11, 2018

 Text or Call: 602-909-7153

Click Google map link here get Pet Food help.

Be sure to call first, to make sure our partner agencies, currently have pet food

>If you have run out of pet food, learn which human food is safe for your pet, click here   or download a pdf copy below:

 ​Coming Major Service and Volunteer Projects: 

Learn about Us~